Our emergency response services are the foundation of our business and the core of our strength. With our mobile kitchens, showers, refrigerator trucks and laundry trailers, we have the ability to set up a virtual self-supporting city in just a few hours. We can provide hot running water where none is available and emergency food when sanitation and supplies are non-existent.

In our 45-year history, we have brought emergency response to such large-scale disasters as the 1980 Mount St. Helens Eruption, the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, the earthquakes in Loma Prieta and Northridge California, the 1998 floods in North Dakota, hurricanes Fran, Floyd, Andrew, Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Gustav, Ike and Isaac.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or emergency situation, we have the ability to mobilize our fleet within as little as four hours. OK’S Cascade Company has the proven history and professional know-how it takes to respond successfully under pressure. You can trust the emergency response services from OK’S Cascade to bring calm to the center of your storm.

It is a pleasure to work with the staff of OK’S.  When severe weather or unexpected conditions occur, they always remain calm and solution oriented.  At some point during each event, we ask the customers to show their appreciation for OK’S Cascades’ efforts and they receive a rousing, sustained cheer.  However, few of the recipients actually hear it.  They are in the background busily getting ready for the next meal.

Michael Murphy
Event 360

The assistance of OK’S Cascade in providing mobile kitchen service, your flexibility and the excellent quality of the food provided was appreciated by our warehouse personnel, guests, and other exercise participants. Your company has shown to be an asset to MSRC as a designated necessary subcontractor in future exercises as well as in the event of an oil spill.

Marine Spill Response Corporation

I have had the pleasure of working with OK’S Cascade for the past few years, but their history with our event far surpasses mine. Whenever we have a logistical curve ball thrown at us,  they are always able to help us troubleshoot any situations that might occur. This includes during both the planning stages and on the event. They’re a great group of people to work with – professional, fair, knowledgeable and flexible.

Rupa Blackwell

The combination and quality of OK’S Cascade’s administrative staff, equipment, and deployment, make them an exceptional events partner.

Merritt Millsap
Country Fan Fest

We have used OK’S Cascade Company shower trucks for many years on our week long cycling tour called GOBA (Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure).  With over 2,000 cyclist, the riders marvel that there is always hot water, and that the showers always extremely clean. In fact, in many towns, the riders prefer the shower truck over the local facilities.

Bill Gordon
Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure

Cycle Oregon is a rigorous seven-day bike ride covering 400 to 500 miles. To feed 2,000 serious riders in remote settings, Cycle Oregon calls on OK’S Cascade exclusively. They earned this distinction because of their high quality menus, reliability, and focus on customer service.

Cycle Oregon